Silent Healing.

When it comes to healing, do it your way and let us guide you.

Silent Healing You Can Trust

Your own personal silence, even if others are there at the same time. You get your own personalized journey, tailored specifically to you. All in the same room! Ah-mazing..

Unique Experiences



Free Room

Get the always FREE 24/7 experience of the LEVEL 1 room on Clubhouse for 3m per day.

Three Levels

Premium rooms offer the same quality, however a next level experience, all in the same room. Drop in several times a day or between meetings to recharge, clear and heal!

Silent Healing Benefits

SH is designed to be scalable and personalized to your unique journey. 


  • Private.
  • Personal.
  • Peace.
  • Calm.
  • Deep adventure.
  • Infinite Support.
  • Conscious Assistance.

People Say..

Glenn: “I learned to restore the ability to believe in healing.”

Sophie: “I fell asleep, when it’s not easy to sleep, Big Gift!!”

Nicole: “I saw an energy puzzle bowl, kept seeing it the next day,
It looks like layers of wall anchors, a puzzle, felt like I was in Harry Potter,
or the Matrix movie doing spoon bending.
Netted bowls, went into my heart, opened my 3rd eye!

Ben: “I experienced incredible emotion, I was balling. Saw 3 other people in the room and loved the mutual healing experience. This is a holy place, like a holy site in real life. Astounding.”

Kai: “Virtual temple with a priestess account!
High vibrational, not forceful, unconditional love, saw sky claw from tower floating in space, god forms all glued together. Awesome.”